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Hi welcome to the pika page this page is a page just for pikachu Pikachu welcomes you also Pikachu wants you to visit the KERO page !

PikaDEX this months pokemon - PIKACHU - name- Pikachu
height - 3 ft - color -yellow + brown tail - attacks - thunder shock , thunder blast , thunder , tackle , evoulution - RICHU - GAME SHARK EVOULOUTION - Pika blu - MY evoulution form - DARK PIKACHU - best friends Brock Misty Ash Togepi

Pikachu was found in the wild. | prof oak coaght him about 5 mins before ash came to get his pokemon.| pikachu Was saddley given to that ash ketchum Thing .| Pikachu is also a secret agent | a male | and he luves his MistY!


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