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well lets see this site is transforming into MS,SM,AnimeHEAVEN untill then it will be LIL PRINCEEVEREST ANIME XTMRE the page will probably be finished by AUG 1 (WENDSDAY) when pokemon crystall comes out so i can give you all the lowdown about the game hee he nintedo dont visit this site ) also ive got some meails about the swords THAT MY HIT COUNTER also this site is also located at the original site i regesterd this site will have an email newletter i just put it up ! any i think all the visiters should subscribe or use the tell me when this site is updated button a faq will be coming soon but for now i will take all your question broken links midis and etc at also some midis will be coming soon yepi also visit if the link is broken ill fix it then you web master also thanks for coming here also i didnt get a triod counter i got a bravenet one look at howmany visitters have been here the counter starts at one !!!!!!!



KONICHIWA !!! ^-^well lets see sorry for any spelling errors im busy im also starting an ANIME NEWSPAPER IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE INFO ABOUT YOUR FAV ARTIST EMAIL ME VISIT MY LIVE JOURNAL at . im writing it like that also incase the link is broken have a nice day


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